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Butterfly in SpringI saw a butterfly today, for the first time this spring. I had just walked almost the whole length of the college campus, from one class to the next. It was an enjoyable walk, but with the 20 pounds of books on my back, I was happy for a few minutes to sit in the shade before the next class.

That’s when I saw it, golden-yellow with intricate black designs, fluttering a couple feet above my head. Of course, it didn’t stay there long. Butterflies never stay anywhere long. I followed it with my eyes as it flitted past me and danced its way toward a pine tree and beyond it, out of my sight.

I wished that I could follow it, join it in its carefree, non-choreographed, yet perfect, dance.

I’ve always loved butterflies.

And the adjectives used to describe them



They, like the birds of the air that sometimes join them in their dance and like the flowers of the meadows they skip across and love, are “careless in the care of God.”



From sky blue to buttery yellow. From pumpkin orange to moss green. Every color of the rainbow and more, with unique designs painted across their powdery wings, their colors reflect a promise dancing toward the horizon.



People often say, free as a bird. For some reason, though, I like free as a butterfly. Every time they come to rest, it is in a different and new place.

Every day, it is new fields, new flowers they visit, new eyes who delight in their fragile beauty.


And imagine the freedom

Of first crawling on the ground, a creature despised, unattractive, hopeless.

Then bound, trapped, claustrophobic.

Then fighting for release from its tight cage.

Then finally, breaking loose and flying free.

I think that would deserve the label “free” more than any other creature.


To know the bondage of crawling upon the earth

And then to be released in flight.

No wonder they don’t stay anywhere long, and make a different place their home each night.

No wonder they are always seen in danciful flight.


If I had been likewise freed, wouldn’t I be flying too?

But wait . . . I have.

“He that the Son made free is free indeed.”


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The questions burn within my soul

The passion fills my being

The desire for a hardened heart

To open and find healing


And as I feel it touch my own

The questions slowly rise

If I had walked that same sad path

Would my life hold its matching cries?


Would I still have found my way?

Or would questions be my life?

Would skepticism wrest my world

And try to mold my mind?


Would I have found His tender heart?

My destiny therein?

Would I have known I play a part?

A dying world to tend?


Would I have closed my eyes to truth?

Pretended there was none?

Would I have tried to comprehend

No life beyond this one?


I am told belief takes faith

Yet what but truth is shown?

Is it harder to believe in love

Or in a heart of stone?


Does it bring light in life to say

That faith is nothing but a curse?

To claim there is no deeper rationale

I can’t perceive much worse


Than living life as if it had

No purpose and no reason

Nothing more than an existence

That passes with life’s swift season


I close my eyes and feel the breeze

Whisper to my seeking soul

I feel a love caress my heart

A touch that always makes me whole


Although the way, it might be long

Though tears at times may flow

Though darkness sweeps across the land

Casting shadows over the way I go


Yet still the purpose brightly shines

Its way into my heart

A destiny I know is mine

From this I’ll never part


The heart that seeks is sure to find

A love greater than mind’s reason

A love abiding that cannot die

Or fade with passing seasons


A love that framed the world we see

The very reason and source of life

Creating a bridge to realms beyond

Cutting through the veil like a knife


Pouring passion and love upon these lands

By blood that flowed from a broken heart

The sacrifice fulfilled sin’s demands

And pledges a fresh and spotless start


In choosing love, I’m choosing life

Reaching out with an eternal soul

Speaking hope into a wilting heart

Knowing only love can make it whole


One day a heart will break out and rise

From disbelief’s grey, cheerless prison

Embracing light, and truth and love

Speaking with a heart of joy those glad words:

“He is risen!”

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