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broken heart mendedA thousand broken promises

As many shattered dreams

You wish that you could find somewhere to cry

But you must put on a smile

And keep it there a while

No one permits you to ask the question, why


Endurance now a trademark

And sorrow still your cloak

You try to brave the storm and fiercest gales

Raindrops mingle with your tears

Which have seemed to fall for years

Each one telling their own sad and lonely tales


Dreams no longer now a hope

Just an effort to cling and cope

As a fragile cry pours from your spirit

It seems all that you can do

Calling out that you are through

Your strength is gone. But hush now, can you hear it?


A voice like many waters

In the whisper of the wind

Its very sound embracing, holding tight

A gentle warmth transcending

Pouring healing, mending

Bathing you in iridescent light


With words soft and kind and wise

From one who heard your deepest cries

He brings peace into your very soul

Giving joy where there was pain

Cleansing guilt’s pervasive stain

The process has begun to make you whole


What message, though, was spoken

To a heart so deeply broken

What words brought healing to a hurting life

Words from one whose sacrifice

Paid forever the only price

Restoring hope where once was hate and strife


“Some disappoint

And some bring pain

And some will break their promises and vows

Although it stings

The hurt it brings

Is something that my love and plan allows


I have a plan

And it will span

Beyond the threshold of this passing time

Love will endure

And all that’s pure

And one day you will see my perfect rhyme


‘Til then, believe

You will receive

Grace to keep upon the path you tread

When your strength wanes

And life brings pain

Do not forget the things that I have said


My love is ever near

My peace will cast out fear

My presence in your life will ne’er depart

My promise is for you

It will hold forever true

For I will never, ever break your heart”


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