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A friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall today, something that brought a smile to my face and, yes, tears to my eyes.

He just accepted Jesus as his Savior today.

I’ve known him for about 15 years, and because of something he went through way back then, I’ve been praying for him for about 15 years too. Faithfully? No. Every day? Not a chance. But off and on, when I remembered or thought of him, I would pray that he would find the joy and peace that comes from knowing Christ.

And he has accepted that joy and peace into his heart today.

If there’s someone you’re praying for today, don’t give up. Don’t stop, no matter how long you’ve been praying, or what you are praying for.

God hears. He works in the hearts of His children, even those who don’t know they’re His yet.

There are still people I’m praying for, and today, with this news that made the angels rejoice, my desire to pray for them has been renewed, and my faith that they, too, will come to know true peace, enduring joy, and undying love through Jesus.


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I Believe

I Believe …

that you are strong

For within you lies an inner strength

That perhaps you have not yet seen … But it is there

I Believe …

that you are beautiful

For everything that lives and breathes has beauty

That reflects the beauty of an unseen love

I Believe …

that you are loved

Cherished and treasured

Beyond things that you can see and touch and feel

Beyond everything around you that looks so real

I Believe …

that you don’t have to be good enough

Or strong enough

Or brave or loving or lovely

Sometimes you just have to

Believe …

In Love, in purpose, in hope

For beyond this life, Love is the one thing that never dies

And if it’s in your heart, you can

Believe …

in what Love sees in you

Someone cherished, loved, and understood

Who you truly are inside — beautiful

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