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It was a rather late night and I was tired. You know those nights when you’re so tired that you can’t sleep? Yeah. First I was thirsty. Then I was hungry. Then I finally dozed off but woke with a start at two. After that, the moments trickled by.

I got thirsty again. Had to use the bathroom. It was hot so I pushed off the quilt. Then I got cold and pulled it back on. Two ticked on to three. Then four. I finally began to doze when a noise woke me up again.

It was a rough night. I’ve been tired all day. Looking forward, primarily, to one thing. Bedtime.

I might be rare and rather weird in stating that sleep is one of the greatest joys of life. Seems counter-intuitive in that you’re not interacting or learning or doing when you’re sleeping, but the fact that we spend roughly a quarter to a third of our lives sleeping gives credence to its importance. Maybe it’s not the sleeping itself that is a great joy, but the fact that when I sleep well, I function so much better the next day.

All that to say, I’m thankful for a good night’s sleep. (And naps. I’m very thankful for naps.) I think I shall go to bed early tonight.


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sweet potatoes with marshmallows

Thanksgiving Day is generally synonymous with two words: “food” and “family.”

I like both, but this post is about family. We all have one … of some sort. People these days seem to throw around the word “dysfunctional” rather freely in regards to their families, but let’s be honest, all of us have unique families.

Like the colorful array of a Thanksgiving dinner, each family has a variety of members. And each one offers something individual. Something unique. Something special.

A little nutty, yet surprisingly sweet … like the sweet potato dish mixed with nuts and garnished with marshmallows.

I am thankful for my family. My immediate family and my extended family, every member. No matter how rarely I see them, they’re still family. No matter how far they may be, they hold a special place in my memories and thoughts.

I’m thankful for the love and concern I have felt from my family members throughout the years. It’s no stretch to say I would not be where I am today without my family.

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Jessica, 3 years old

Jessica, 3 years old

I was browsing through digital photos from past years, 2006 onwards. (That was the year we got our first digital camera.) I saw some of my favorite pictures of the three kids. I also came across some I didn’t even remember taking. From time to time I would call my husband to look at some picture or another.

“Allen looks so young!” “Check out Aiden’s chubby cheeks.” “Look at Jessica’s curls.”

“Were they ever that young? What happened?”

Time flies, in its everyday common style, so we don’t really notice how fast it’s going by.

I’m thankful for photos, little tokens that capture days that pass by so quickly. A hundred years ago, two hundred, a thousand, the people had no way of capturing those special moments (unless they had an extremely talented painter in their family). Just fragmented memories, so often faulty, to remember the special times that pass so quickly.

Of course, “the memory of the just is blessed,” but photographs, I guess, are a help to conjure up those precious memories out of the cobwebbed recesses of our mind and keep them fresh and alive.

Allen, 3 years old

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After a sore throat that lasted a couple of days, my voice took a sabbatical over the weekend. It’s back now, with a somewhat frog-like quality to it. It brought with it a lingering cough and an aching head.

My eyes, always ready to join any adventure, have been stinging for days. They seem especially not-so-fond of me working at the computer.

Most of the day I was thinking how much I would like to do nothing but sleep. But another thought came into my head and that is the main idea I hope to get across here.

I am usually very healthy. I haven’t had a fever in close to five years. I haven’t had a “tummy bug” since moving back to California over three years ago. I rarely get colds, even when they fly through the household with a vengeance.

And no, this post isn’t about my immune system. It’s about God’s awesome gift of good health. Another one of those things, like the sun I mentioned yesterday, which I don’t take notice of nearly as often as I should.

Every day, I operate without a runny nose or pounding head. I don’t have to deal with chronic fatigue. I’ve never even had a broken bone (that I can remember).

So, with this little-bit-of-a-cold, all I can really say is, “Wow. Thank You, God, for the good health I enjoy so much of the time.”

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Sun shining on autumn leavesI was in the backyard for about an hour this morning pulling weeds. It is late November, less than a month to winter. And it was sunny.

In the shade, I felt chilly. But in the sunshine, it was warm and energizing.

It is amazing how a slight tilt of the earth’s axis can bring such a drastic change in the weather: from spring to summer to autumn to winter. Even more awesome, in my estimation, is what the light and warmth of the sun can do.

I can’t exactly wrap my brain around the fact that if it were not for the light of the sun, life on earth would not exist. No light. No color. No warmth. No plants or trees or animals or people. Just a giant icy ball floating through the nothingness of space.

After pulling weeds for a while, my back was hurting so I took a break, stretching out on the lawn beneath the vibrant sun. The thought came to me that I would not be here if not for the sun.

So today, I’m thankful for the sun that lights the world. Like the Sun that lights my heart, I would not survive without it.

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For the next 30 days, I plan to do a short “Thankfulness Post.” Over the past few years on Facebook, I have used November to post things for which I am thankful. This year, I thought to do things a little bit differently.

Instead of posting on the thankfulness theme for the month of November, I plan to use it throughout the month leading up to Christmas Day, the day we truly have the most to give thanks for.

So in case you wonder about the generally “short and sweet” posts this month, here’s the reason. It’s the Season.

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