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The Wishing Star

a starEver watchful of what I wish

For destiny meets fate

In inexplicable ways

Finding me in its embrace

Against the dawning of a star


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skid marks

“Me first,” we cry

And wonder why

Life and death won’t wait

Beneath the gloom

A restless tomb

Sealed, rushing fate


We veer ahead

The screeching tread

Obliterates the night

All whispers hushed

Against the rush

Of speeding, flashing light


From last to first

The time-bound curse

Illicit and reviling

The first, now last

Death’s door as fast

Life spent in its defiling


But given time

Developed rhyme

Might stretch across the sky

Slow down and smile

Let love beguile

And drift, serenely, by

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cloudy night skyVeil thins beneath a cloudy sky

Bringing tears, like rain

Looming gray upon my heart

Upon the sky

Yet beyond, the sun

Where forever is sealed


But here, beneath the gray

My heart bids me to pray

Until the veil descends once more

And my eyes


Are dry

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