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Soul’s Stay

Crafted sundry

Fleeting thought

Midst a tower

Rapid wrought

Ego’s mirror

Power sought

But gone come break of day


Greatest reach

Now rendered low

Swift, exacting

Heaven’s blow

A purpose

Only angels know

But through it shone a way


Highest find

Is darkest bane

Proudest work

Is lowest lain

Yet Heaven stoops

To heart in pain

And hope is soul’s sweet stay


Poem a Day #14 – August 31


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Choosing Fire

Cry with voice of mercy

Held betwixt the mirth

Asunder lies the parody

Pious, melancholy birth

Innocence seeks for truth in words

While knowledge finds the blame

The former smiles

At flight of birds

While hate in error

Views the same

Innocence carries the tears of joy

I only the pain behold

He sees through eyes of a fearless boy

Tender, yet ever bold

Innocence tainted

By knowledge desired

What price unwillingly pay

In his eyes unsevered fire

Growing, surging in break of day


When valued against

Truth, or love

Or passing life

Bearing sorrow, hate

Who would choose eyes

Of deadened love

Of pressure wafting

On breeze-blown fate


Poem A Day #13 – August 30

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Toward the Light

Stumbling, oft

Toward the light

Timeless, seeking

Withal fleeting

Falling, yet entreating

Never giving up the fight


Poem A Day #12 – August 29

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There’s snow outside, the children say

Eternal spell of pretend play

Sweet memories of yesterday

Swept into the frenzied fray

Amidst bland sights held oversway

The final train has pushed away


Hands tight clasped, a shadowed tear

A chapter of a mirrored mere

Transfixing twilight rushing near

Regaining tales of yesteryear

Wisps aloft, as clouds, held dear

Dancing lightly free of fear


Poem A Day #11 – August 28

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Life Song

Have you penned

Your life’s song?

How sweet is the sound?

Close and measured

Distant sweeping

Vast, melodic


Have you found

Your life’s rhyme

Penned by fleeting hand?

Weathered, straining

Coal’s pressed treasure

Veiled in darkness

Naught in leisure

Or have you seen

The song, the rhyme

Written in love

Beyond space and time

In every story

It resounds

Like grace

Like faith

How sweet the sound

Poem A Day #10 – August 27

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Soul’s Repose

What do you want me to sing?

Will it dry your crying eyes?

Would word or song or prayer

Bring you

To a place of peace

From wanton cries?

A thousand prayers

Midst countless tears

Chart the measured course

Across aged years

Facts and fiction merge with truth

And yet life traces time

Down the ages

Sweeping pages

A dream’s eclipsing rhyme

Do you want me to sing?

Would melody transpose

A grieving heart

A wanton start

And welcome soul’s repose

Poem A Day #9 – August 26

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If there was one thing

I could do

To change my mind or yours

Would I let it be

Would I let it go

Or would I step

Into the fray

Arms wide open

Eyes wide shut

And let destiny

Wash over me

With light shining

At the other end

Of eternity

Poem A Day #8 – August 25

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