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Pray for Paris

Pray for Paris


God help us

Help them

The innocent

The perpetrators

God help us

We who say there is nothing we can do

We who jump to discuss surface solutions

Help us, God

All of us who live in this broken world

And all of us who have played a part in hurting it

Help us

Who break your heart over and over

You, whose heart was broken for us

God, help the broken-hearted

For you know them

Reach down to the hurting

The grieving

Give hope as only you can

Have mercy, dear Lord,

For … you know

We need it so much


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To the citizens of nations

Who live on less

Than a dollar a day

I want to apologize

That what you save

For bread and milk and medicine

We spend on caffeine

Strong and sweet and senseless

And we complain

Not about the taste

Or the exorbitant price

(That we could instead spend on helping those in need)


It’s about the cover of the cup

The cup that will be tossed

Without a care

Without an expression

Of gratitude or humility

At all we have

All we claim as a right


In this land from sea

To shining sea

Yes, I apologize

To you who save and strive

For daily bread

For we

Who could be

Feeding the hungry

Clothing the bare

Visiting lonely

Promoting peace

And showing forth

The risen Joy of Sacrifice

Are busy …

Debating the color of a cup


Poem a Day, November 10, 2015


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