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Cleave, thy heart

Oft’ purposed strike

Calling out

And swept into the sky


Where mirrored veins

Love, alike

My final breath

Is merged as vesture’s sigh


Gilded light

Estranged, alone

Hippocratic pull

Still lost to misty air


Riveted fight

The drink of stone

Frozen, pillowed

Retrieve thy passion there


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Swept aside

The loves deride

The telling tide

Of time

Of man


Lightened, strange

Restored, the change

Vast eras range

The time

Of man


Clasped to mind

Loftiest bind

Ephemer’s kind

No time

For man


Wasted pull

A severed role

Crafted soul

Left time

And man


Beyond sun

As only one

Gravely spun

The time

With man



Ages reject

Hope’s effect

On time

On man


Haunting sweep

Sequestered sleep

Dreaded, deep

Through time

Past man


Tribute sound

On hallowed ground

Wings resound

Past time

Of man

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Pleading for a glimpse

You would settle

For a sordid, mythological thrill

Emotional surges

And touching words of

Crimson favors

You would sit beneath

Sweet trees

Autumnal browns and golds

And bid its presence

Alive, would bring

Peace and ever

If it could be so

A salvation

Continuing of the soul


You would behold

The eight wonders

And marvel

At them



Yet vain


For I would ask

How could this

Creation, yet an echo

of the Divine

Claim the power of that Divine?

Beautiful, yes, sublime

But only for

The love, the pleasure

of the unglimpsed and unbeheld


To Him I would

You ask

Show me Your glory

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On the tiger

On the night


From the clearer

From the rite


For the living

For the surge


After darkness

Failed dirge


To spend freely

To exhale


With pleasured gift

Now all avail


On all presence

On all seas


Over wishes

Over me

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Courses of Life

Bring down the stars

Alone at night

To sweep the stage

And call forth sight

Anvil harsh

For spears

For tears

Grasped and thrown

Believed fears

Symmetrical, strange

Pulled from sordid

Angry clasp

Alone, unfeared

Practical portion

Of night

Gifted, as a sweltered sight

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