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Would you lose me

In translation

Like I would lose you

In holding to my own

Faith or belief

Hope or spoken dream

Future, unaided by light

Or would you follow?


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Light of the world

Eyes closed in darkness

He gave up the ghost

But did not breathe His last

For the promise of ages

For the cause of all hosts

For the hope of a hope

The heart of a King held fast

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follow me

When what you want

is not what you need

and the world would bid you

“Follow your heart”

but for that Voice

that calls from the soul

and asks you to let go

with the words

“Follow Me”

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Is this my world

My life

My being

Whose vantage point is true

Or does it matter at all

Does language speak through you

May I transcend

And find you in eternity

Whom I take for granted

In my eternal present

Perhaps to speculate

Is equal to death

Or stepping outside

Negating meaning to find the whole

And seeing from this eye

This “I”

Only a hole

But that eternal view

From somewhere beyond the sky

Unblocked and uncontained

Sees truth

Sees love

Sees life for what it is

Inexpressible beauty

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I wish there were

somewhere beneath this wide and ancient sky

a place to cry


hiding from faulting eyes

I have not found it yet

So, inside my car

With songs of beloveds and loves

drifting outside the window

but not past my ears

into my heart

I cry

hidden by stucco walls

and shadows

Only to return

with a smile

clouds swimming beneath the surface

Ready for another day

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I say I write

You ask what

I say everything

Hoping you’ll understand

Knowing you probably won’t

With your hesitant nod

and half smile, not quite sure

I have your answer

And so I write



you’ll ever read

My loss

Mine alone

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