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How easily we forget

So quickly

Somehow, in some way

As devastating

As the original loss

How dare we?

Moldering dead,

Lie or lay,

Between the pages

Beneath the soil

Of hard-earned ages


Tears and sighs

Nigh-forgotten lives

In numbers too large to truly comprehend


May they rest in peace

A solace of a wish

An insult

To the nameless

Who each had a name

A heart

A soul

How quickly we forget

And urge the next set of zeros

To go and join the fight



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moments of wonderSometimes my breath catches

Somewhere near my throat

And my heart leaps up

In there too

So my breath

And my heart

Mingle and touch

Like a little bit of heaven

With a whole lot of earth

Like a veil pushed aside

Or ripped from top to hem

And I see clearly

Or maybe not so clear

The transient moments of life

Weaved with the eternal essence of love

The poignant blend

Catches in my spirit

In my throat

Makes my heart leap

And spirit, soul, heart


Mingle and wonder if that isn’t


The way it’s meant to be


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Who would bear the cross

that doesn’t carry the shame?

Who would kneel beneath

all the world’s pain?

Who would die in my place

with my blood be stained?


The only one who could.


Who would call to waves

and bring decisive peace?

Who would take a hand

and promise pain’s surcease?

Who would weep at death

then give life a new lease?


He whose name is love.


Who would rescue those

lost by self volition?

Who would overturn

earth’s fallen condition?

Who would save a soul

by one humble admission?


Maker of heaven and earth.


Who would calm my soul

and my life’s purpose give?

Who would die for me

rise again and live.

See my reckless state

and yet say, I forgive.


Jesus, Redeemer, Savior of souls.

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