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I return after a year of silence

the scene unchanged

and yet transformed

the same fountain

trickling its cascade

the rippling drops almost

musical in wordless song

as if, for a moment

one moonless night

you might understand its meaning

the stone benches

still empty

but reminiscent

of children running, playing

talking and laughing

as children often do

until grown. When play and laughter

lie forgotten among cuddled toys and Lego sets

the brick columns spreading into archway

stand silent

ever conveying strength. Order.

Solemn beauty

knowledge, as found within the walls.

But outside

outside is alive with gold of autumn leaves

the trees are young

slender as a thought almost remembered

while gold carpets the grass

in patches of surrendered beauty

and gilded leaves tremble

waiting for the zephyr

that calls them to surrender

The scene unchanged

yet ever changing

like facts and opinions

truth, myth, fantasy

taught beyond the walls

while the once-children

who played along the fountain’s edge

sit in silence

Poem a Day #40, September 26, 2015


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I was almost stopped today

by a golden leaf

almond shaped and nearly as small

spinning past my eyes.

I almost stopped

to pick it up

and maybe stay a while

watching fallen leaves

skip past me

across the broken sidewalk.

It would mean being late

for class again

so I merely stooped

and picked up a leaf

from the ground.

A leaf

in mid-transition

from green to gold

to keep with me

all the day

all the autumn perhaps.

A remembrance

of spinning seasons

Father of Time

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Sweeping, spinning

The desolate

Into a mottled expanse

Like hope


Unto the design

A cycle unique

Yet not unlike

The pieces of September

Spinning mobile

Harsh, yet defined

Entering focus with a familiar tune

Subterranean and sweet

This chosen vessel

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