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Into the swing of words
The cadence
The dip and bend and rush
Of the thing
The slowing, as if when truth
Itself settles on the tongue
You have no choice but
To savor, mull it over
In your mind
On your tongue
And then past the lips
Fluttering into the sky
Settling dovelike
On shoulders
Or the stone
The flesh of a waking heart


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Do you have something

More sure

to offer

Please tell

and lead the way

But do not

I pray, I bed

Turn away the water

that just might quench your thirst

when you have

Nothing to drink

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five smooth stones

We speak lightly

Of giants falling


But say,

“It is not for me.

My past, you see.

My marriage.

My loneliness.

It would be nice

but it was

so three-thousand-years-ago.”

We sit in wishes

In a dry creek bed

never seeing

the smooth stones

strewn about

As if finely placed.

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A Wanderer’s Return

Wandering, in heart, from home

Floundering, as lost at sea

Willowing, the rain, like tears

Billowing, as waves, the fears

Waiting home on knees in prayer

A father’s love would hope to share

Wakening, from sleep, so blind

Loftiness, collapsed on sand

Sorrowing, the work of death

Recognized, the shame, the loss

Grace and mercy call from Light

Running to the son in sight

Covering the choice, the sin

Ushering within the door

Celebrate, the song of love

Wanderer now turned to home

Riotous, the trademark broken

Righteous, over him is spoken

Embracing love, the Father’s token

Poem a Day #48, October 4, 2015

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ash butterfly

If your only ideas

Lie in things

What of things

That are not things

But ideas

Or simply but not so simple


resting a moment

brushing against

the mind

the heart

the soul

And springing up into beauty



Photo by Jim Hoffman

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moonlit night

Let grief be my companion

And the arms of sorrow

Draw me

If it will bring me nigh

To Thee


Let my heart, though broken


Christ in me


Let tears

A bracelet, encompass

My sight

Though eyes grow dim

If the clearer sight

Is your heart

Your will

Your plan

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Swept aside

The loves deride

The telling tide

Of time

Of man


Lightened, strange

Restored, the change

Vast eras range

The time

Of man


Clasped to mind

Loftiest bind

Ephemer’s kind

No time

For man


Wasted pull

A severed role

Crafted soul

Left time

And man


Beyond sun

As only one

Gravely spun

The time

With man



Ages reject

Hope’s effect

On time

On man


Haunting sweep

Sequestered sleep

Dreaded, deep

Through time

Past man


Tribute sound

On hallowed ground

Wings resound

Past time

Of man

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