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Into the swing of words
The cadence
The dip and bend and rush
Of the thing
The slowing, as if when truth
Itself settles on the tongue
You have no choice but
To savor, mull it over
In your mind
On your tongue
And then past the lips
Fluttering into the sky
Settling dovelike
On shoulders
Or the stone
The flesh of a waking heart


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Still in Saturday

blood and water

The longest Saturday

this world has known

Nigh on two thousand years



for the sun to set, so it may rise

for the winter white to end

for the spinning world to slow

or stop

Or wheel toward a resolution

of some sort

still Saturday

Morning, perhaps

When shadows stretch toward the day

Or evening,

with a new day drawing near

Just beyond the night


Loss of life and will to live

Loss of love of life

Loss of love itself

As powers of air whirl

Around the world

Yet Saturday’s sadness

Wrings sweetness, though disguised

through hope

by faith

in love

For thus is Light

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Finding Grace

Grace for grace
grace after grace
grace upon grace
Isn’t it what we have all
been given
What we all should give
Just as freely
But in my thoughts
My heart
my words
I find gavels and courtrooms and judgment
May the words of my lips
The thoughts of my heart
find a place of grace
in Your sight, O God
You, who have ever been
my Grace
my Redeemer
my Strength

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a-birdPoem like and filled

With wonder and the stirring of earth’s worth

The cadence of creation

Let there be … and it was so … and it was good

So good, for it was Yours

Made at Your hand

Triune God almighty

From eternities past

How far back stretched Your hand

Your beauty, Your knowledge, Your triune joy

Into eternity

Before You reached forth and brought life at a Word?

Into the measureless span of no time

Spoke time into being until time shall be no more

How far forward reached Your mind, all-knowing, all-loving, supremely just

To see where Your creation would fall, and further yet, where You would enter

At the moment before time when all was good

So good, for it was Yours

All-knowing, those first words You spoke into this universe

Let there be light

Were spoken knowing the Light that would one day

Descend from Heaven to lighten a darkened earth

A promise to reclaim the world who has forgotten You

Who so easily forgets

But you did not forget

From the cadence of creation until now

You remember this world

For it is good because of Your hand … because of Your Word … because it is Yours.

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Forgotten Joy

Fragments of forgotten joy

sped like sparrows to the ground

Beneath a sky of spreading ink

forlorn, undreaming in a shroud


Where peace was found in eras gone

now oceans claim its passing

Lashed by surges, frigid grey

to taunt all thoughts of lasting

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Wishing you a Christmas truly blessed

A time of joy and pleasure

Celebrating with fun and friends and guests

Remembering earth’s greatest Treasure


Wishing you a New Year that is filled

With happiness, love and peace

And that the coming days will yield

A wonder that will never cease

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Our Finest GiftsWhose are the finest gifts this year,

At such a time of festive cheer?

Are shopping lists finally completed?

Are pocketbooks once more depleted?

As shops all vie for lowest prices,

Sleep deficit and blood pressure rises;

Where are the gifts we said we’d bring,

To lay at the feet of a newborn King?

Wrapped against the winter’s chill,

Hoping for some warmth to feel;

It is not there within the soul,

Still incomplete and never full.

What is the finest gift but to know,

What a newborn King lived and died to show.

The path to love, the path to living,

Is this the gift that we are giving?

It can’t be wrapped, for it is free;

Knowing this Love for eternity,

Is the finest gift that one could bring—

Showing the way to the newborn King.

Finding peace and warmth within this light,

Flooding the soul with a love so bright,

Sorrow of seasons is washed away,

With the Love that came down on Christmas Day.

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