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a-birdPoem like and filled

With wonder and the stirring of earth’s worth

The cadence of creation

Let there be … and it was so … and it was good

So good, for it was Yours

Made at Your hand

Triune God almighty

From eternities past

How far back stretched Your hand

Your beauty, Your knowledge, Your triune joy

Into eternity

Before You reached forth and brought life at a Word?

Into the measureless span of no time

Spoke time into being until time shall be no more

How far forward reached Your mind, all-knowing, all-loving, supremely just

To see where Your creation would fall, and further yet, where You would enter

At the moment before time when all was good

So good, for it was Yours

All-knowing, those first words You spoke into this universe

Let there be light

Were spoken knowing the Light that would one day

Descend from Heaven to lighten a darkened earth

A promise to reclaim the world who has forgotten You

Who so easily forgets

But you did not forget

From the cadence of creation until now

You remember this world

For it is good because of Your hand … because of Your Word … because it is Yours.


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