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This, my original blog, hasn’t received a lot of attention lately (from me) due to my focus on my newest writing project, A Purposed Life. For some reason, though, I’m thinking it’s about time to start writing in here again. As is often the case, even as I write, I’m still not sure what the focus will be … but I know it will come.

I started a new semester of classes today, 13 units. It’s my fifth semester at college; the four previous semesters I’ve taken between seven and ten units, and I’ve survived … more or less. I’m leaning towards blogging about classes and college, classmates and credits, etc. over the next little while, since it will take up a fair bit of my life for at least another year.

The thing is, up until now I was hesitant to write about being “back in school.” As a writer and editor, I wondered, What would people think if they saw I don’t even have a degree yet? How’s that supposed to help my credibility? It’s not that I’ve misled clients about my educational background. If anyone asked (and few did), I just told them the truth.

I was homeschooled and graduated from high school at 14 with a 4.0 GPA. From the time I was 12 I knew I my life was meant to be lived in service to God and others, so once I finished high school, I went straight into full-time service. I felt the “call to India” at 15, moved there at 16, lived and worked there for the next 12 years, and started a family over that same period of time.

We moved back to California three years ago, and after about six months, I started getting the feeling that maybe I should continue that education I forfeited in exchange for experience. It’s a decision I will never regret, because the things God has blessed me with on the road I’ve taken are unmatchable. I might not have gone the usual route of: school, college, work, marriage, family. In my case, the order was mixed around a bit, but that’s okay.

Now I’m 30 (turning 31 in five days), a wife and work-from-home mother of three, an aspiring author, and a full-time student. And life has never been better. Because when you know God is leading you, even when things are hazy or hectic, misty or muffled for a time … the skies always clear and you figure out He’s known the way all along.

So over the next little while, I’ll be writing a bit about my college experiences and insights (and fumbles and blunders), and maybe posting some of my writing assignments (I’ve got over 15 of them this semester). You’re welcome to come along on the journey.

Any parenting posts I write will still be on my parenting blog, http://positiveparentingblog.wordpress.com/ and of course, posts and quotes on writing can be found on my writing blog: http://awordfitlywritten.wordpress.com/


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