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Why do we tend to fear

Things we do not understand

Like love and God

And sometimes life itself

So big they are

So often out of hand

Throwing them aside is easier

Than taking a chance


Beyond all knowing, I think

He cares

He understands

The questions, the fears

Even the choice, sometimes, to disbelieve

It’s hard, God knows

Only He knows just how hard

Life, and love, can be

Our hearts full of joy and pain

And loss and questions why


I think, almost beyond belief

He smiles, and loves

In spite of it all


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Martin Luther King Jr. is most famous for his speech that began with, “I have a dream.” There were many reasons his speech was so powerful, and perhaps one of the reasons was because that phrase resonated in the hearts of all who heard it then, and hear it now.

“I have a dream.”

We all have dreams, some that we hold so deep inside that no one even knows they’re there. Maybe it’s not yet time to live that dream, or maybe we’re afraid to try and see it fail.

But we all have dreams, and in many ways, those dreams are what keep us alive and sane and moving forward.

The Bible put it like this: “Without a vision, the people perish.”

Something in us dies when there is no dream or vision, no goal to reach towards.

Reaching toward a dream – especially when that dream involves making a difference to others – is moving from existing to truly living.

Many have dreams and goals, but it’s those ones that are outstanding and different in some way, ones that portray an uncommon life behind that vision, that call for attention.

Some might say, “My dream is to become a millionaire.”

Good for you. I’m sure that might impress a number of people and cause people to wish they were you, but if that’s all you want out of life, that’s pretty sad. It’s good to be comfortable and have enough, but then what?

Life has to be lived for something more than oneself. Only then do we find true meaning and purpose.

My mom has a dream, a vision. More than that, she has a calling.

She’s a midwife, and, (IMHO) one of the best ones around. She has a gift of making people feel comfortable, cared for and loved. Ask the neighborhood kids and our friends when we, her own kids, were growing up. They all called her “mom.” She just let people know she cared, and they felt it.

So what’s her dream?

A birth clinic.

She has helped hundreds of women deliver their babies at home, and enabled them to have natural, beautiful and memorable birthing experiences. She’s given education on nutrition and health, and made it possible for so many women to start their parenting in an excellent way.

And, like anyone with a real vision, she would love to see this work expand. A birth clinic would make it possible to hold prenatal classes, childbirth education, and so much more. It would give those who aren’t able to have home births – but would like another option than birthing in a hospital (where c-sections are at a current rate of 1 in 3) – another option:

Birthing in a clinic, cared for by concerned and knowledgeable women.

Do you have a dream? If so, you know how much it means to someone to see their dreams become reality. Can you help my mom’s dream – and the dreams of many women in the Central Valley – come true?

[Search for A Time to Be Born in Mission: Small Business, and They are awarding grants to up to 12 small businesses, and your choosing A Time to Be Born just might make it possible to help many women see their dreams come true. The deadline is June 30th, coming up fast, so please don’t wait!]

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You bow your head and wonder whyheart aflame

You grit your teeth and try and try

You can feel the world’s swift turning

Within your heart, the fire burning

Questions, wonders, dreams and hope

Churning within, how can you cope

Is it possible to reach deep within

The answers find and pull out again

Is it possible to stretch up high

And pluck the answers from the sky

And yet, and yet, I think you know

The reason your heart sways to and fro

There is a purpose deeper still

Than what you see and hear and feel

Close your eyes; you then will see

The truth that can set your heart free

The reason for the spinning and turning

The cause for your heart’s inner burning

You know the hope for which you long

That eternal purpose, the perfect song

The one your soul already sings

Daily toward your future it brings

Reach out, reach out and close your eyes

Let love’s kiss silence your mind’s cries

The truth is given, the purpose known

The light upon your heart has shone

Let it fill you to more than full

Let it make every part now whole

Until it pours out to every soul

Likewise healing, making whole

Close your eyes; you then will see

The love that can set your heart free

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The China Doll

china doll plantWhen my brother was 13, he had an unusual hobby. We called it dumpster diving. A nearby apartment complex housed college students from around the country, and at the end of the school year the students would discard everything they didn’t want to haul home with them, including quite a few items that still had some value. My brother capitalized on the opportunity.

One day, he brought home a China Doll plant, which he gave to me. My mom, who has a green thumb, said it was a good find. I moved it to my room, and would set it out on the front porch every few days for some sunshine. After I’d had the plant for a few months, its leaves started drooping and then falling off. Within a couple of weeks, there were no leaves left. When I asked my mom what was wrong, she said it might have gone into hibernation. A plant without leaves held no interest for me, so I put it in the back yard with my mom’s other potted plants. It stayed there for quite some time, leafless and forlorn.

One day my mom brought a plant to my room. Yes, it was my China Doll, and there were tiny sprouts at the tips of its branches. Over the next weeks, the sprouts grew into new shoots and leaves, and eventually my plant was in full bloom again. This cycle continued over the years.

I eventually moved away from home and left the China Doll with my mom and her green thumb. In one letter my mom wrote: “I thought your China Doll had finally died. I almost tossed it, but you know how I hate to throw away a plant. I waited a while and sure enough, it grew back fuller than ever.”

The following spring I went to visit my mom. She had more time for gardening now that most of her kids had moved away, and the back yard was beautiful, full of aromatic rose bushes and flower-covered arbors and trellises. There on the porch, transplanted into a bigger pot, sat my China Doll. It was at least four feet tall.

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That China Doll will always hold a special place in my heart, not because I’m sentimental about a plant, but because it taught me to hope.

As I begin the New Year, some things seem to be hibernating—a few dreams and goals—but with the sunshine of God’s love, the water of His Word, and a little of His tender loving care, they will blossom in His good time. If He causes a simple plant to begin anew and grow stronger year by year, how much more can we expect Him to do for us, whom He loves dearly and for whom He created all the rest?

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ice cream dipped in chocolate

It was vacation time, and my husband and I were driving with some coworkers to a beach resort for a greatly anticipated week of relaxation and fun. It was a sixteen-hour drive from our city to our destination; although we started before the sun was up, by noon we were not even halfway there. Our car recently had an overhaul so we couldn’t use the air-con, and it was getting hot, really hot! Our co-workers had three young sons, and the long car ride was starting to get to them a little. After one too many “Are we there yet?”s, we decided it was time for a break.


We found a roadside restaurant and got a round of coffee to keep us awake and a round of ice cream for the kids to keep them happy. Jerry, the youngest, had just turned three. He was so eager to pick out what ice cream he wanted: vanilla dipped in chocolate, on a stick.


“He is going to make a mess,” cautioned one of the parents.


The other one said, “It’s okay. This is the one he wanted, let him enjoy it.”


With great interest we watched the race between Jerry and the heat. Jerry clutched his ice cream with both hands, trying his best to eat it before it all melted. The hard chocolate covering kept up a strong pretense, while the vanilla ice cream inside slowly melted away, dripping down his arms and onto the plate. The more it dripped, the tighter he held it. Finally, the chocolate shell couldn’t stand the pressure; it imploded, leaving a mound of melted mess, and a little crying boy, distraught at his loss. His mother picked him up, wiped away his tears and cleaned the mess. She set him down again, this time with a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. A wiser choice, we all agreed.


As we continued our drive, I thought about the significance of that event. How many times have I had a dream, a desire, or something that filled my entire focus? I was sure that it was the right thing for me and would make me happy.


I can now picture an angel or wiser being telling God, “Don’t give it to her; she’ll make a mess,” and then God replying,


“Let her make her decision; she’s old enough.”


Then when I later find myself holding a pile of broken dreams that shattered (or melted) around me as I tightly clung to them, He picks me up, wipes away my tears, and gives me that thing that He wanted to give me all along, that thing which was actually better for me, but in my intense focus, I didn’t even give a second glance.


I finally take what He has to offer, and I realize that it was really what I wanted all along or something better than I could have even hoped for. After all, having created me, and all good things, He would know best what I need in my life, wouldn’t He?


So, will it be vanilla or chocolate? Next time, I’ll try to get His advice before making my decision.

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