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five smooth stones

We speak lightly

Of giants falling


But say,

“It is not for me.

My past, you see.

My marriage.

My loneliness.

It would be nice

but it was

so three-thousand-years-ago.”

We sit in wishes

In a dry creek bed

never seeing

the smooth stones

strewn about

As if finely placed.


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ash butterfly

If your only ideas

Lie in things

What of things

That are not things

But ideas

Or simply but not so simple


resting a moment

brushing against

the mind

the heart

the soul

And springing up into beauty



Photo by Jim Hoffman

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moments of wonderSometimes my breath catches

Somewhere near my throat

And my heart leaps up

In there too

So my breath

And my heart

Mingle and touch

Like a little bit of heaven

With a whole lot of earth

Like a veil pushed aside

Or ripped from top to hem

And I see clearly

Or maybe not so clear

The transient moments of life

Weaved with the eternal essence of love

The poignant blend

Catches in my spirit

In my throat

Makes my heart leap

And spirit, soul, heart


Mingle and wonder if that isn’t


The way it’s meant to be


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The air moves

In ways strange

It doesn’t explain

The winds change

From gentle to gale

From rushing to ripple

And I feel the urge

To clean out my house

Or my heart

Or even to disappear

Into the wind

And let it carry me


A mountaintop perhaps

Or even a star

I can’t track the movement

Of the wind

Its cycles and cold fronts

Colliding with heat

Piling cumulus over nimbus

And stratus beneath cirrus

All I know is the rain

And the magic scent

Of sky before it falls

A smell like the sound of skittering leaves

Whispering the approach of a storm

This wind change

Will it be a storm

A calm

Perhaps a little bit of both

Settling and stirring me

At the same time

I don’t know

And at times

All I can do is close my eyes

To better feel the change

Skirting the edge of the wind

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Why do we tend to fear

Things we do not understand

Like love and God

And sometimes life itself

So big they are

So often out of hand

Throwing them aside is easier

Than taking a chance


Beyond all knowing, I think

He cares

He understands

The questions, the fears

Even the choice, sometimes, to disbelieve

It’s hard, God knows

Only He knows just how hard

Life, and love, can be

Our hearts full of joy and pain

And loss and questions why


I think, almost beyond belief

He smiles, and loves

In spite of it all

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Today I’m thankful for little disappointments. Because they are not bigger; they aren’t the end of the world. Because it’s not really all that bad.

I had been revising my novel, working to revise the fourth draft, in order to complete it in time to enter a writing contest before the deadline. It was the primary reason that I didn’t hit the 50K nanowrimo goal. And I did it! Five hours before the contest closed, I submitted my novel.

I heard back today that they had to cancel the contest as they did not receive enough submissions. I was, ever-more-than-slightly, disappointed.

I told my husband about my disappointment. Right away he told me that at least it was ready for the next step, getting a few more critiques before working on the fifth (and hopefully final) draft before taking a step toward publication.

I told my daughter and she, at nine years old, immediately said something about God having a plan in it.

I told my sister and she said it wasn’t time wasted.

They are right.

It wasn’t time wasted. It wasn’t even money wasted. God does have a plan. And it is more reader-ready than it was a month ago.

And that’s why I’m thankful for little disappointments. Because, in reality, they probably shouldn’t be seen as disappointments at all … but stepping stones.

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A friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall today, something that brought a smile to my face and, yes, tears to my eyes.

He just accepted Jesus as his Savior today.

I’ve known him for about 15 years, and because of something he went through way back then, I’ve been praying for him for about 15 years too. Faithfully? No. Every day? Not a chance. But off and on, when I remembered or thought of him, I would pray that he would find the joy and peace that comes from knowing Christ.

And he has accepted that joy and peace into his heart today.

If there’s someone you’re praying for today, don’t give up. Don’t stop, no matter how long you’ve been praying, or what you are praying for.

God hears. He works in the hearts of His children, even those who don’t know they’re His yet.

There are still people I’m praying for, and today, with this news that made the angels rejoice, my desire to pray for them has been renewed, and my faith that they, too, will come to know true peace, enduring joy, and undying love through Jesus.

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