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Of Heaven’s Making

Christmas Quote


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The questions burn within my soul

The passion fills my being

The desire for a hardened heart

To open and find healing


And as I feel it touch my own

The questions slowly rise

If I had walked that same sad path

Would my life hold its matching cries?


Would I still have found my way?

Or would questions be my life?

Would skepticism wrest my world

And try to mold my mind?


Would I have found His tender heart?

My destiny therein?

Would I have known I play a part?

A dying world to tend?


Would I have closed my eyes to truth?

Pretended there was none?

Would I have tried to comprehend

No life beyond this one?


I am told belief takes faith

Yet what but truth is shown?

Is it harder to believe in love

Or in a heart of stone?


Does it bring light in life to say

That faith is nothing but a curse?

To claim there is no deeper rationale

I can’t perceive much worse


Than living life as if it had

No purpose and no reason

Nothing more than an existence

That passes with life’s swift season


I close my eyes and feel the breeze

Whisper to my seeking soul

I feel a love caress my heart

A touch that always makes me whole


Although the way, it might be long

Though tears at times may flow

Though darkness sweeps across the land

Casting shadows over the way I go


Yet still the purpose brightly shines

Its way into my heart

A destiny I know is mine

From this I’ll never part


The heart that seeks is sure to find

A love greater than mind’s reason

A love abiding that cannot die

Or fade with passing seasons


A love that framed the world we see

The very reason and source of life

Creating a bridge to realms beyond

Cutting through the veil like a knife


Pouring passion and love upon these lands

By blood that flowed from a broken heart

The sacrifice fulfilled sin’s demands

And pledges a fresh and spotless start


In choosing love, I’m choosing life

Reaching out with an eternal soul

Speaking hope into a wilting heart

Knowing only love can make it whole


One day a heart will break out and rise

From disbelief’s grey, cheerless prison

Embracing light, and truth and love

Speaking with a heart of joy those glad words:

“He is risen!”

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valentine heart and crossA day of love, of roses, hearts

Where dance emotions through the arts

Where passion meets the cherub’s dart

On this day, Valentine


“I promise to be only thine

You who are forever mine”

And hearts expand and hearts entwine

Always for Valentines


It is a day of love and passion

Expressed in today’s latest fashion

All other days our love we ration

But not on Valentine’s


We seek to grasp, to keep, to hold

That elusive thing that can’t be sold

And pour it in perfection’s mold

For it’s our Valentine


But in a time so long ago

That now the truth we don’t quite know

A love endured life’s harshest blow

His name was Valentine


For love he lived, in love he died

A love he knew would yet abide

Beyond life’s time and past its tide

He loved his “Valentine”


Their love was pure, their lives so young

As dreams among the stars they flung

The angels saw and cherubs sung

For it was Valentine


But hate, as ever, evil sought

Hoping true love from earth to blot

Happened upon a sordid plot

And captured Valentine


“Repent of this love that you now speak

Such notions make the nation weak

The strong will win over the meek”

They ordered Valentine


“But I must to this love be true

A love that died for me and you

Even if only accepted by a few”

Thus spoke he, Valentine


And for this love he chose to die

Around the world they heard his cry

His soul then flew beyond the sky

New life for Valentine


And on this day of love behold

A priceless truth that can’t be sold

More precious than diamonds or pure gold

The words of Valentine


True love is bound to sacrifice

Yet is willing to pay the highest price

Beyond which lies sweet paradise

Forever, Valentine


Fear not the loss, for deepest gain

Lies on the paths that promise pain

For at the end, life starts again

And always, Valentine

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moonlit nightThe moon it stands
Untouched by hands
Beholding our sad plight
It sees these days
The errant ways
And yet still shines each night

The light portrays
Its silent phase
Bright as it grows and fades
A message unheard
Spoken without word
Earth pines beneath its shades

We try to reach
What they would teach
If we would dare to listen
Our minds inflate
But why the hate
When dawns light still can glisten

We try to roam
Venture from home
Experience, your master
We run away
Night follows day
And we run ever faster

But in the night
Survey the sight
And breathe the peaceful scene
The moon’s bright glowing
Magnificent, knowing
Portraying wisdom serene

You can’t explain
Yet would not deign
Its secret words to hear
Though it intrigues
Curiosity piques
Yet still, yet still you fear

But come away
Travel a day
Within the moonlit wonder
Perhaps you’ll hear
It shed a tear
On mankind’s way of plunder

Perhaps you’ll view
Its gaze on you
With wisdom of all ages
Of lives revived
And hell survived
As mankind turned its pages

Perhaps you’ll see
A future scene
Of what will yet unfold
Of days to come
Of stars and sun
Of moonlit paths untold

Yet stay a while
Perhaps you’ll smile
A secret to behold
Of forever’s doors
Beyond these shores
Upon its streets of gold

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The Last Supper, woodworkingHe knew that their hearts were troubled.

“Let not your hearts be troubled” is what He said, but He didn’t stop there. Were they all thinking the same thing? Were their hearts all troubled about the exact same topic? Yes… and no… for even if everyone is facing the same issue or problem, they never all face it in the exact same way. Their fears were unique, as unique as the personalities of each of His disciples. Like I said, He didn’t stop there.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also.” (John 14:1, 2, 3b)

That where I am, you may be also. Regardless of what their fears were, their unique thoughts, perhaps even misunderstandings of the entire situation, He cut out all of that. He didn’t refer to each particular trouble that their hearts were in. He just gave hope. He gave hope by giving the most amazing and wonderful promise that could ever be given. “I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also.”

“In my Father’s house are many mansions.” Were the disciples looking for mansions? Disciples who had spent the greater part of the past few years with Jesus following Him, more or less homeless, traveling from one place to another with no promise of where they would be staying that night, sometimes even no knowledge of what they would be eating that day, or where. Somehow I doubt that their main focus was on mansions.

“That where I am, you may be also.” That was where their hope lay, that they would be with Him, with the One who by that time they had realized that He knew their hearts, that He had changed their lives, and that He was more than just a man, that He was the Son of God. Regardless of personal trials, difficulties, questions or even doubts that each one of them faced—their struggles with their own humanity, their own desires, their own difficulties in following Him, in letting go of the things that had once been their livelihood, their friends, their homes and loved ones. He didn’t tackle each thing. All He did was bring in another perspective, one deeper, one greater than anything that we could ever hope for or dream of. For if His purpose had been—as some of them originally thought—to cast off the burdens and the yoke of Rome, their rulers of that time, and to free them, how long would that freedom have lasted? Until the next insurrection? The next uprising? The next overtaking? The next bloody war? The next betrayal?

That was not His plan. His purpose was so much deeper than that, so much deeper that many could not even understand. For what Savior would do so many wonderful things and then die? What Savior? Only the Savior, the only One who could, as He said, lay down His life, and then take it back again, the building that could be broken down and then built up again in three days, the only One whose promise could remain today, every bit as strong and sure as it was on the day that He gave it:

“I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also.”

In the world today, there are a thousand thoughts, issues, demands, problems, a thousand things that can cause the heart to be troubled, but His plea today is the same as it always has been. “Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am, you may be also.”

The promise of a man, and yet a Savior; the promise of a word, and yet an incomparable action; the promise of a feeling, and yet a Love so deep that none could ever compare and no promise could ever be as great as that which He has given. “I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am, you may be also.”

A promise of Heaven, with all that we ever loved—and even that which we thought we lost—together, for eternity.

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