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moments of wonderSometimes my breath catches

Somewhere near my throat

And my heart leaps up

In there too

So my breath

And my heart

Mingle and touch

Like a little bit of heaven

With a whole lot of earth

Like a veil pushed aside

Or ripped from top to hem

And I see clearly

Or maybe not so clear

The transient moments of life

Weaved with the eternal essence of love

The poignant blend

Catches in my spirit

In my throat

Makes my heart leap

And spirit, soul, heart


Mingle and wonder if that isn’t


The way it’s meant to be



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Sweetened love

Through wisp-like haze

As though the dream

Alone, betrays

Waking sweeps

Within the gate

Of fallen light

And dreamblown fate

Fleeting hope

‘Twixt prismed fears

Lofty light

Falls over years

Alone, this heart

Pulls strings like song

A gift now born

Where I belong

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Soul’s Stay

Crafted sundry

Fleeting thought

Midst a tower

Rapid wrought

Ego’s mirror

Power sought

But gone come break of day


Greatest reach

Now rendered low

Swift, exacting

Heaven’s blow

A purpose

Only angels know

But through it shone a way


Highest find

Is darkest bane

Proudest work

Is lowest lain

Yet Heaven stoops

To heart in pain

And hope is soul’s sweet stay


Poem a Day #14 – August 31

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Why do we tend to fear

Things we do not understand

Like love and God

And sometimes life itself

So big they are

So often out of hand

Throwing them aside is easier

Than taking a chance


Beyond all knowing, I think

He cares

He understands

The questions, the fears

Even the choice, sometimes, to disbelieve

It’s hard, God knows

Only He knows just how hard

Life, and love, can be

Our hearts full of joy and pain

And loss and questions why


I think, almost beyond belief

He smiles, and loves

In spite of it all

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Today I’m thankful for little disappointments. Because they are not bigger; they aren’t the end of the world. Because it’s not really all that bad.

I had been revising my novel, working to revise the fourth draft, in order to complete it in time to enter a writing contest before the deadline. It was the primary reason that I didn’t hit the 50K nanowrimo goal. And I did it! Five hours before the contest closed, I submitted my novel.

I heard back today that they had to cancel the contest as they did not receive enough submissions. I was, ever-more-than-slightly, disappointed.

I told my husband about my disappointment. Right away he told me that at least it was ready for the next step, getting a few more critiques before working on the fifth (and hopefully final) draft before taking a step toward publication.

I told my daughter and she, at nine years old, immediately said something about God having a plan in it.

I told my sister and she said it wasn’t time wasted.

They are right.

It wasn’t time wasted. It wasn’t even money wasted. God does have a plan. And it is more reader-ready than it was a month ago.

And that’s why I’m thankful for little disappointments. Because, in reality, they probably shouldn’t be seen as disappointments at all … but stepping stones.

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I Believe

I Believe …

that you are strong

For within you lies an inner strength

That perhaps you have not yet seen … But it is there

I Believe …

that you are beautiful

For everything that lives and breathes has beauty

That reflects the beauty of an unseen love

I Believe …

that you are loved

Cherished and treasured

Beyond things that you can see and touch and feel

Beyond everything around you that looks so real

I Believe …

that you don’t have to be good enough

Or strong enough

Or brave or loving or lovely

Sometimes you just have to

Believe …

In Love, in purpose, in hope

For beyond this life, Love is the one thing that never dies

And if it’s in your heart, you can

Believe …

in what Love sees in you

Someone cherished, loved, and understood

Who you truly are inside — beautiful

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broken heart mendedA thousand broken promises

As many shattered dreams

You wish that you could find somewhere to cry

But you must put on a smile

And keep it there a while

No one permits you to ask the question, why


Endurance now a trademark

And sorrow still your cloak

You try to brave the storm and fiercest gales

Raindrops mingle with your tears

Which have seemed to fall for years

Each one telling their own sad and lonely tales


Dreams no longer now a hope

Just an effort to cling and cope

As a fragile cry pours from your spirit

It seems all that you can do

Calling out that you are through

Your strength is gone. But hush now, can you hear it?


A voice like many waters

In the whisper of the wind

Its very sound embracing, holding tight

A gentle warmth transcending

Pouring healing, mending

Bathing you in iridescent light


With words soft and kind and wise

From one who heard your deepest cries

He brings peace into your very soul

Giving joy where there was pain

Cleansing guilt’s pervasive stain

The process has begun to make you whole


What message, though, was spoken

To a heart so deeply broken

What words brought healing to a hurting life

Words from one whose sacrifice

Paid forever the only price

Restoring hope where once was hate and strife


“Some disappoint

And some bring pain

And some will break their promises and vows

Although it stings

The hurt it brings

Is something that my love and plan allows


I have a plan

And it will span

Beyond the threshold of this passing time

Love will endure

And all that’s pure

And one day you will see my perfect rhyme


‘Til then, believe

You will receive

Grace to keep upon the path you tread

When your strength wanes

And life brings pain

Do not forget the things that I have said


My love is ever near

My peace will cast out fear

My presence in your life will ne’er depart

My promise is for you

It will hold forever true

For I will never, ever break your heart”

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