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Forgotten Joy

Fragments of forgotten joy

sped like sparrows to the ground

Beneath a sky of spreading ink

forlorn, undreaming in a shroud


Where peace was found in eras gone

now oceans claim its passing

Lashed by surges, frigid grey

to taunt all thoughts of lasting


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Do you have something

More sure

to offer

Please tell

and lead the way

But do not

I pray, I bed

Turn away the water

that just might quench your thirst

when you have

Nothing to drink

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Light of the world

Eyes closed in darkness

He gave up the ghost

But did not breathe His last

For the promise of ages

For the cause of all hosts

For the hope of a hope

The heart of a King held fast

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follow me

When what you want

is not what you need

and the world would bid you

“Follow your heart”

but for that Voice

that calls from the soul

and asks you to let go

with the words

“Follow Me”

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I wish there were

somewhere beneath this wide and ancient sky

a place to cry


hiding from faulting eyes

I have not found it yet

So, inside my car

With songs of beloveds and loves

drifting outside the window

but not past my ears

into my heart

I cry

hidden by stucco walls

and shadows

Only to return

with a smile

clouds swimming beneath the surface

Ready for another day

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misty cliff








Sweeping gaze

to heights

to depths

Dreading haze

this might

these steps


Carving light

into sketches

into drought

Soldered height

Now fetching

Now without


Gracious sweep

in purpose

in breath

Hoping leap


to rescue

from death

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ash butterfly

Photo by Jim Hoffman








Tragic strait

At closing day

Unwanted, gapes

Bidden slowly drawn

Toward this fate

Ill-seen display

Approaching fast

Life’s sweet repast


Pounding, sweet

Metamorphosed height

Lacquered flowers

Poured from towers

Wandering complete

The forlorn flight

From streamlet night

Ash butterfly


Lone epitaph

Carved and forgotten

Contemplative rage

Withered, fraying stage

A sole reed staff

Clasped, besoughten

Release a sigh

Now lifting high


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