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Do you have something

More sure

to offer

Please tell

and lead the way

But do not

I pray, I bed

Turn away the water

that just might quench your thirst

when you have

Nothing to drink


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Sweeping, spinning

The desolate

Into a mottled expanse

Like hope


Unto the design

A cycle unique

Yet not unlike

The pieces of September

Spinning mobile

Harsh, yet defined

Entering focus with a familiar tune

Subterranean and sweet

This chosen vessel

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moments of wonderSometimes my breath catches

Somewhere near my throat

And my heart leaps up

In there too

So my breath

And my heart

Mingle and touch

Like a little bit of heaven

With a whole lot of earth

Like a veil pushed aside

Or ripped from top to hem

And I see clearly

Or maybe not so clear

The transient moments of life

Weaved with the eternal essence of love

The poignant blend

Catches in my spirit

In my throat

Makes my heart leap

And spirit, soul, heart


Mingle and wonder if that isn’t


The way it’s meant to be


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a star

You see the dark that few behold

And fight a faceless fear

As if at night, the clouds unrolled

Shadows feel welcome here

Time draws you forward, but the mind

Or something near the soul

Embraces tears, the mingled kind

That measures darkness whole

Polluted sanctuary, yet

There’s nowhere else to kneel

To bare your soul, the past regret

The emptiness you feel

How dark, so dark, before

The bated breath of dawn

Night tangible, the ghosts of yore

Who, senseless, struggle on

Sleep evades the sweetest dreams

Where answers dare to shine

Project instead nightmarish screams

And deeds of dark design

Caught within, among, it all

Your soul still bleeds its reason

The will of hope, evasive arc

Persists in spite of season

Draw in the draught that never dims

Where blood and water flow

And worth, not based on act or whim

Is yours to feel and know

Although unseen when dark surrounds

And shadows rush in cold

Let mercy breathe, and hope abound

Love’s broken wings enfold

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It Is Well

ocean waves

Call to me

Beyond the sea

Midst upward drafts

Caressing, free

And there, and there

On skies aloft

Stars on velvet

Whispered soft

Might hope alight

And, haunting, tell

It is well

It is well

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moonlit night

Let grief be my companion

And the arms of sorrow

Draw me

If it will bring me nigh

To Thee


Let my heart, though broken


Christ in me


Let tears

A bracelet, encompass

My sight

Though eyes grow dim

If the clearer sight

Is your heart

Your will

Your plan

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sunset over an ocean

Borne out of time

And land and fame

Calling forth

Alighting blame

Locked in fate

Drafted shame


For well she knew

Upon this wise

To speak of grace

And sacrifice

As if her home

Was paradise

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