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valentine heart and crossA day of love, of roses, hearts

Where dance emotions through the arts

Where passion meets the cherub’s dart

On this day, Valentine


“I promise to be only thine

You who are forever mine”

And hearts expand and hearts entwine

Always for Valentines


It is a day of love and passion

Expressed in today’s latest fashion

All other days our love we ration

But not on Valentine’s


We seek to grasp, to keep, to hold

That elusive thing that can’t be sold

And pour it in perfection’s mold

For it’s our Valentine


But in a time so long ago

That now the truth we don’t quite know

A love endured life’s harshest blow

His name was Valentine


For love he lived, in love he died

A love he knew would yet abide

Beyond life’s time and past its tide

He loved his “Valentine”


Their love was pure, their lives so young

As dreams among the stars they flung

The angels saw and cherubs sung

For it was Valentine


But hate, as ever, evil sought

Hoping true love from earth to blot

Happened upon a sordid plot

And captured Valentine


“Repent of this love that you now speak

Such notions make the nation weak

The strong will win over the meek”

They ordered Valentine


“But I must to this love be true

A love that died for me and you

Even if only accepted by a few”

Thus spoke he, Valentine


And for this love he chose to die

Around the world they heard his cry

His soul then flew beyond the sky

New life for Valentine


And on this day of love behold

A priceless truth that can’t be sold

More precious than diamonds or pure gold

The words of Valentine


True love is bound to sacrifice

Yet is willing to pay the highest price

Beyond which lies sweet paradise

Forever, Valentine


Fear not the loss, for deepest gain

Lies on the paths that promise pain

For at the end, life starts again

And always, Valentine


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It’s Valentine’s Day once again, that famous day filled with roses, hearts and chocolates, but most of all—love. In the world of today, there are very few things devoted to love. As such, Valentine’s Day is actually a very special day, because what could possibly be wrong with love? Nothing. Love is actually the greatest force on Earth and in the world. It doesn’t always seem to be so, when things such as war, hate and anger vie for precedence in people’s hearts and lives. But that doesn’t change the fact that love is truly the greatest and most powerful force on Earth. How? Simply because I am love. All things on Earth I created out of love, including you. The beautiful things around you—the cheerful birds, the towering trees, the bright flowers, the majestic oceans, the deep forests, even the people around you whom you know and love—all are creations of My hand put on Earth because of My love for each one of you.

What is love? This is something that so many explore, try to explain, decipher, put into words. But if you have ever felt love, deep love, at the very core of your being, you know this is something that cannot be simply explained. It is something felt deep inside. There are many kinds of love: the enduring and patient love of a mother or father for their child, the simple and pure love of a child for their parent, the understanding love of a close friend, the passionate love of a “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, or spouse…the forgiving love of a brother or sister. Who is to say which love is greater? How can you really measure love? There is no accurate measuring stick or weighing scale for love. It cannot be put into a box, measured, weighed and explained because it is deeper; it goes beyond words and into the realm of the spirit, that realm where I dwell and the realm where I created that very love you feel.

You might be one of those “lucky” ones on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by those you love and who love you, or with that special someone you can call your own. You might be content with the thought that, “Yes, this is what love is all about.” But maybe you are alone on Valentine’s Day. Maybe, amidst the billboards, the newspaper articles, the ads on TV, the movies, all promoting their versions of love and how to gain it or keep it, you feel you missed something. You look around and don’t see any such sign of true love in your life, and wonder, “Is there really love to be found?”

The good news is, yes, there is love—true love, pure love, enduring love, and the greatest and deepest love you will ever know. This love is found in Me.Jesus, smiling and holding staff

I, Who not only created you, but also came down to Earth to live as one of you, and finally died for you so that I could truly understand you; I love you in a way that no other ever could. I not only love you, but I understand you, I believe in you, and your heart and happiness is so important to Me. Regardless of where you are on Valentine’s Day, who you find yourself with, whether you are alone at home, or out having fun, let Me be the one to make your day complete by inviting Me into your heart, not just today, but always.

I will be there for you, no matter what you face, what you might be going through, what ups and downs the path of your life will take. I will be with you and have promised to never leave the one who calls out to Me and accepts Me into their heart and life. All you have to do is ask. Just say, aloud or in your heart,

“Jesus, thank You for Your love. I believe in it and I want to ask for Your love to enter my heart today. I accept Your love which forgives the wrongs I have done and can change my life and help me to love You and others. Please give me Your free gift of love and life eternal with You and teach me how to know You more.”

There, wasn’t that simple? They say that diamonds are forever, but the only thing that truly is forever is My love, and now that it is in your heart, it will be with you forever and thus you will be Mine for eternity. Thank you for accepting My free gift of love to you. I love you, always and forever.

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When you saw the crib from highManger scene

Did You see Your death and sigh

Or did You see that You again would rise

And chose a humble womb from heaven’s skies


When you lay in a manger, damp and cold

Did you long for angel’s wings to enfold

Or realize we too would want such things

So You forsook the comfort of angels’ wings


When you tasted this world’s humble fare

Did you long for Heaven’s sumptuous care

Or knew the taste would be richer with us by your side

And gave us the truth while You chose to abide


When you felt weary and weak and worn

Did you long to leave this world so forlorn

Or knew that we needed to be shown the way

Our truth and light, and for our sake did stay


When you had to see and touch and feel

This homesick world from one so real

Did it pain You to stay a while

Yet, I think I saw You smile


For You knew that Heaven’s touch

On this poor world would mean so much

So You lived and died, and rose to glory

To begin life’s deepest true love story

(Written December 1999)


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