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Into the swing of words
The cadence
The dip and bend and rush
Of the thing
The slowing, as if when truth
Itself settles on the tongue
You have no choice but
To savor, mull it over
In your mind
On your tongue
And then past the lips
Fluttering into the sky
Settling dovelike
On shoulders
Or the stone
The flesh of a waking heart


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ash butterfly

If your only ideas

Lie in things

What of things

That are not things

But ideas

Or simply but not so simple


resting a moment

brushing against

the mind

the heart

the soul

And springing up into beauty



Photo by Jim Hoffman

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Pleading for a glimpse

You would settle

For a sordid, mythological thrill

Emotional surges

And touching words of

Crimson favors

You would sit beneath

Sweet trees

Autumnal browns and golds

And bid its presence

Alive, would bring

Peace and ever

If it could be so

A salvation

Continuing of the soul


You would behold

The eight wonders

And marvel

At them



Yet vain


For I would ask

How could this

Creation, yet an echo

of the Divine

Claim the power of that Divine?

Beautiful, yes, sublime

But only for

The love, the pleasure

of the unglimpsed and unbeheld


To Him I would

You ask

Show me Your glory

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Why do we tend to fear

Things we do not understand

Like love and God

And sometimes life itself

So big they are

So often out of hand

Throwing them aside is easier

Than taking a chance


Beyond all knowing, I think

He cares

He understands

The questions, the fears

Even the choice, sometimes, to disbelieve

It’s hard, God knows

Only He knows just how hard

Life, and love, can be

Our hearts full of joy and pain

And loss and questions why


I think, almost beyond belief

He smiles, and loves

In spite of it all

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You bow your head and wonder whyheart aflame

You grit your teeth and try and try

You can feel the world’s swift turning

Within your heart, the fire burning

Questions, wonders, dreams and hope

Churning within, how can you cope

Is it possible to reach deep within

The answers find and pull out again

Is it possible to stretch up high

And pluck the answers from the sky

And yet, and yet, I think you know

The reason your heart sways to and fro

There is a purpose deeper still

Than what you see and hear and feel

Close your eyes; you then will see

The truth that can set your heart free

The reason for the spinning and turning

The cause for your heart’s inner burning

You know the hope for which you long

That eternal purpose, the perfect song

The one your soul already sings

Daily toward your future it brings

Reach out, reach out and close your eyes

Let love’s kiss silence your mind’s cries

The truth is given, the purpose known

The light upon your heart has shone

Let it fill you to more than full

Let it make every part now whole

Until it pours out to every soul

Likewise healing, making whole

Close your eyes; you then will see

The love that can set your heart free

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